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Oxygen Bar

Our Oxygen Bar will add some excitement and fun into your next event.

Oxygen Bar For Rent

Our Oxygen Bar is fun and memorable!

Oxygen Bar for Rent
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 Private Parties:

Breathe new life into your next party and feel the oxygen difference with an Oasis Oxygen Bar. We will provide a beautiful lighted bar with bubble walls that adds excitement to any decor. We combine 92% pure oxygen along with popular aromatherapies to create an uplifting, invigorating, and therapeutic session that your guests will be talking about long after the event!

Each bar seats four guests at a time, providing oxygen “shots” that last from five – ten minutes each (our recommended per-person session time for special events). Individual sessions can actually go as long as 20 minutes for a private party.

Special Events:

For corporate events, this is the perfect way to keep potential clients seated and listening to what you have to say in a relaxing manner. Imagine how easy it is to start up a conversation with a client or prospect about the services your company could provide during an oxygen session, giving you yet another golden opportunity to give event visitors your sales pitch.

This is the perfect way to keep potential clients and/or party guests entertained. There are always long lines of people waiting to try the bar. No other product can offer you this type of relaxed, receptive, and captive audience, especially at our low cost!

With an Oasis Oxygen Bar, you and your company will be the main attraction! Our Oxygen bars are an unbelievable attention grabber and powerful sales tool for our clients; the visitors to the event will remember your logo, your company, and the incredible oxygen bar adventure you provided. Oasis Oxygen Bars will make your clients beg for an invite to your next event.

Let an Oasis Oxygen Bar make your future trade show, expo, convention or special event an affair to remember!

Call Now to rent an Oxygen Bar for your next event! Call 502-561-3468

*Actual bar may not be the exact one pictured.

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